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Helping you on the path to sustainability.
We're on a path to create a more sustainable business, and because you also care about your
business, we want to support you to be sustainable too. To help our customers along their path
to a more sustainable workplace, we've developed a program to prevent millions of single serve
freshpacks from ending up in a landfill, instead reusing the packaging returned by your office
to create new products made from post-customer recycled content!
Start Collecting
Start Collecting!

Contact your Lavazza Professional Distributor
to sign up and start collecting used
freshpacks in your office today!

Box Up Your Fresh Packs
Box Up Your

There are no special boxes
required for this program. You can reuse
boxes from your office to return used
freshpacks. Login to your account and
follow the simple steps provided to ensure
your package is ready for return shipment!

Download A Return Shipping Label
Download A Return
Shipping Label.
Login to your account, click on the
link to Print A Label provided by
FedEx and attach securely
to your package.
Ship Your

All returns are sent back
to our processing partners
at TerraCycle®, where we
separate the coffee/tea for
composting and develop new
products made from your
recycled packaging!

Ship Your Package
Helping you reduce your waste
Hierarchy Of Waste
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Login to your account to download promotional tools to help generate
awareness in your workplace and encourage employees to participate!

Download and print
posters to advertise
the programs in your

Download useful tools
to help you manage
the programs for your

Who can sign up for the program?

Participation in the program is open to all offices serviced by an authorized Lavazza Professional distributor. However, not all Lavazza Professional distributors may be participating. Please check with your Lavazza Professional distributor for additional information.

How do I sign up for the program?

Signing up for the program is easy! Simply contact your Lavazza Professional distributor for important information you will need to complete the sign up process online.

How do I get a Distributor Code to complete the sign up process?

Distributor codes can only be provided by a Lavazza Professional authorized distributor for the program. To complete the sign up process for your account please contact your distributor. If you do not have a Lavazza Professional distributor and would like to get Lavazza Professional Single Serve system for your office, please submit a request using the Contact Us form located on this webpage.

Is there a cost to participate in the Recycle Your Freshpacks program?

For information and details on costs to participate, please contact your Lavazza Professional distributor. If you do not have a distributor, please refer to Question 3.

Is there a limit to how many freshpacks I can return in one box?

Participants are provided with easy, step-by-step instructions through their online account to ensure your package meets program-specific guidelines for return shipment.

Can I use my own box to return my freshpacks, or will one be provided to me?

Participants can reuse boxes from their office to recycle their freshpacks. Customers who require a box be provided to them should reach out to their Lavazza Professional distributor for more information.

What if I don't have FedExTM Ground account at my office location? Can I still participate?

Customers who do not have a regularly scheduled FedExTM  Ground pickup service at their office location can drop off packages at any nearby FedExTM location or schedule a custom pickup. Specific instructions to return your used freshpacks are provided with your user account online, and should be discussed with your distributor prior to launching the program.

To get started recycling your freshpacks, please contact your authorized Lavazza Professional Distributor or submit a request below and a Lavazza Professional representative will contact you with more information.

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The Recycle Your Freshpacks program is changing!

This change does not impact Canadian customers. Canadian customers, please dismiss this notification and continue to use the Lavazza RYF website.
To continue recycling used freshpacks after September 1, 2021, please visit the new program site at There you will find more information about the new program and be able to sign up for an account. Please note: Your current login information will not transfer. You must sign up for a new account at to continue recycling.
If you have any questions about the new program or about signing up, please contact TerraCycle directly:
If you have questions about prior shipments or about the previous program, please contact either your beverage distributor or the Lavazza Professional Customer Care team:

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